Ash stabilization plant POSCO Warsaw

In Warsaw, Poland, INTEGRAL is currently implementing a significant project: the construction of an ash stabilization plant downstream from a waste incineration facility. The ash stabilization system enables the transport of fly ash from the boiler and dust from the flue gas cleaning system to silos located near the ash stabilization hall on the premises of the waste incineration plant ZUSOK. After temporary storage in the silos, the fly ash and dust are transported to the ash stabilization hall. There, these waste products are weighed, mixed with special stabilizing agents, granulated, and stored for solidification. Through this process, the fly ash and dust are solidified and stabilized, allowing them to be safely stored in a non-hazardous waste landfill.

INTEGRAL’s scope of services: Engineering and supply of equipment for the ash stabilization plant, assembly and commissioning supervision, training, and documentation.

Processing capacity approximately 10 tons/h

Conversion of ash and fly ash into non-hazardous waste

Granule size of end product < 10mm