Sewage sludge drying plant Simmering

The Simmeringer Haide plant has an important task in the disposal of the sewage sludge generated in the main sewage treatment plant in Vienna. To fulfill this task, the plant has three fluidized bed furnaces, mainly used for sludge incineration, and a fourth furnace that can be operated with both waste and sewage sludge. Additionally, there are sludge tracks on the plant site where the sludge is prepared for subsequent incineration through dewatering.

To be able to incinerate the sludge in the fluidized bed furnaces largely without the addition of support fuels, the customer commissioned the construction of a sewage sludge drying plant (dryer section). The resulting dried material is mixed with the remaining mechanically dewatered sludge immediately before incineration and fed into the furnaces.

Scope of services by INTEGRAL: mechanical completion of the dryer section, piping system for the heat and sludge supply of the dryer section, installation of hydraulic units and hydraulic piping including cooling systems, construction of a compressor station and a compressed air system

15.000 welds

3.200 meters of piping DN 15 - DN 300

71 tons of steel construction