Waste heat utilization plant Therme Wien

Heat supply for 1900 households

At Therme Wien-Oberlaa, two new heat pumps were planned and built, as well as the necessary technical center in the parking garage of the facility. The heat pumps are connected to the thermal wastewater through two heat exchangers in an intermediate circuit. They extract the residual heat from the wastewater and produce district heating with temperatures of up to 85 degrees Celsius. The operational internal water of Therme Wien serves as the heat source for the heat pumps, which now supply heat to over 1900 households.

Scope of services provided by INTEGRAL: Construction, electrical and control engineering, insulation, ventilation, and pipeline construction.

Heat output of heat pump 1.100 kW / HP

Installed pipelines 550 linear feet of steel and stainless steel

Pipe dimensions DN 15 to DN 250