INTEGRAL – Becoming an INTEGRAL supplier

Quality and sustainability are crucial to success.

Procurement is centrally organized for all companies within the INTEGRAL Group. Products, materials, and services are purchased and negotiated across the group. The goal is always to achieve an economically and qualitatively optimal procurement while considering our requirements regarding occupational health and safety, environmental protection, and compliance.

The establishment of strategic and stable relationships with suppliers and subcontractors is an essential part of the procurement strategy of the INTEGRAL Group. Collaborating with reliable suppliers and partners ensures that our projects can be successfully executed in terms of quality, adherence to deadlines and costs, meeting our own high standards.

Requirements for suppliers

When purchasing products, materials and services for our projects, high standards are set in terms of quality, reliability, and sustainability for our suppliers. We have defined specific requirements for a collaborative and trusting partnership with suppliers, including:

Transparency is important to us. This includes both parties acknowledging and adhering to the Supplier Code of Conduct for business partners. The General Terms and Conditions of Purchase are an integral part of contracts between the companies of the INTEGRAL Group and the suppliers.

Main focus in purchasing

The following products, materials and services represent our focus areas of need:

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You can offer the products, materials and services that fall within our areas of focus according to our quality requirements and are interested in a long-term collaboration? Then please fill out the registration form. Thank you for your interest in working with our company. After successful registration and if we are interested in your services or products, we will contact you to discuss the next steps. We look forward to working with you!



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