INTEGRAL – Sustainability & Certificates

We think long-term - for a sustainable future.

The principle of sustainability is an essential part of our corporate culture and an expression of our responsibility towards people and the environment. The INTEGRAL Group sees sustainable action as a crucial factor for success and is committed to fulfilling its economic, social, and environmental obligations in order to meet the expectations of all stakeholders to the greatest extent possible.

The INTEGRAL Group and its employees place the highest value on minimizing negative impacts on nature and society through their business activities. The clear goal is to operate sustainably while conserving the environment through efficient use of energy and other resources.

Quality & management system

We exceed expectations

We fulfill our commitments and make every effort to exceed the expectations of our customers. The INTEGRAL Group aligns its work with the needs of its customers and develops solutions to achieve their individual goals. Our services comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and standards in the respective market areas. Quality and safety are at the forefront and are a matter of course for our corporate group. Contractual reliability and flexibility are core characteristics that make the INTEGRAL Group a reliable partner.

Health, occupational safety, environment, and quality are top priorities within the INTEGRAL Group. Through continuous improvement, we further develop our certified management system and embed it in the awareness of our employees. Only in this way can we achieve our common goal: optimal results for our customers. The management systems of the INTEGRAL Group are regularly audited.



We see it as our duty to deliver products and services to our customers on time, which fully comply with the contractually agreed upon quality, legal regulations, and societal standards.


We ensure that, through our business activities, negative impacts on the environment are minimized as much as possible. Sustainable, environmentally conscious action is the basis for all our activities and decisions.

HEALTH & SAFETY (ISO 45001 & SCC Certificate)

The consistent adherence to safety regulations, the responsibility of each individual for themselves and society, as well as leading by example, are integral components of our safety structure and safety awareness. In order to maintain and protect the health of our employees, we create appropriate working conditions.


Anyone acting on behalf of the INTEGRAL Group is bound by ethical conduct and appropriate behavior in business dealings. We always treat our customers, suppliers, and partners with respect, thereby ensuring the foundation for trustworthy, long-term, and successful business relationships.

Compliance & Codex

INTEGRAL acts according to the principles of integrity and respect.

Compliance with applicable laws, regulations and guidelines, responsible conduct, as well as ethical, respectful behavior towards each other and our business partners are our top priorities. For over 50 years, the INTEGRAL Group and its affiliated companies have been committed to integrity and respect. Each of us, employees, managers, and executives acknowledge these principles and acts in accordance with them. This ensures the long-term success and sustainable development of our company.

We live responsibility, fairness, and respect.

The actions and behaviors of each individual are jointly responsible for how the company is perceived by its customers, suppliers, society and also by colleagues. Providing guidance in this regard is a shared code of conduct, which applies equally to management, executives as well as employees and concretizes our values and principles. This code of conduct forms the basis of our corporate culture, it is our inner compass and shows what we stand for.

Health & Safety

Safely and healthily through the workday with INTEGRAL

Occupational safety is of the highest priority at INTEGRAL. This is not only supported by the implemented safety management systems according to the SCC guidelines and ISO 45001, but also by various key performance indicators, such as the low accident frequency rate according to SCC. INTEGRAL ensures a consistent implementation of guidelines and goals regarding occupational health and safety across the entire group. The consistent adherence to safety regulations and goals, the responsibility of each individual for themselves and society, as well as leading by example, are integral components of our safety structure and our lived safety awareness.

The well-being of our employees is very important to us. Therefore, it is our goal to ensure working conditions that preserve the health of our employees and to create a work environment that supports and promotes personal development. Programs for occupational health promotion and health protection contribute to sustainably protecting the health of our employees and improving their well-being.

Environment & Climate Protection

We take responsibility

We want to contribute to a world that offers a sustainable future with improved quality of life for all. As a corporate group operating in the field of environmental technology, we see it as our responsibility to contribute to the preservation of a clean climate with our technologies for flue gas and sewage sludge purification, and we are working on future solutions that protect our environment and conserve resources. In addition, we improve the quality of life and ensure added value for our customers.

Furthermore, we ensure that negative impacts on the environment resulting from our business activities are minimized as much as possible. Sustainable, environmentally conscious and, above all, resource-efficient action is the basis for all our activities and decisions, contributing to the protection of the environment for future generations. For example, our own sites are equipped with photovoltaic and heat pump systems for heating and cooling, thus replacing fossil fuels.